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Relevant at any business life cycle phase, we offer constructive business advice and mentorship with a pathway to overcoming any challenge and improve optimisation, efficiency and performance. We are passionate about what we do and committed to supporting you to realise an effective business with a motivated workforce.


We will become immersed in your journey in whatever capacity you decide.


Whether due to challenges with customer retention and revenue protection/growth, cost of sales/operations that have increased and risk the profitability and health of the business, a cash flow issue, operation processes not aligned against business strategy and impacting your service delivery, an HR related need, or any other area preventing potential from being realised, we will support you.

We start with a business review, with a dependency that a trustful relationship has started to be formed, imperative to extracting the best results. We go as in-depth as you feel comfortable but try to look beyond the symptoms to get to the core issue, all in a non-judgemental and empathetic manner.

We also look to identify other areas of your business for improvement, and focus particularly on leadership and the relationship with staff which directly impacts productivity and performance.

The goal is to support you through these challenges and to lay foundations that enable you to focus on planning for growth. We form an accurate assessment of your business and propose an action plan to achieve your expected results.

We can also assist with attaining government backed loans and grants, as well as other types of funding that may be of interest.

Other key areas we can support you in include:

  • End to end service delivery, operational efficiency and customer care focus 

  • Change management project activity utilising Lean Six Sigma methodology

  • Customer relationship management, supplier management

  • Contract management

  • Cost reduction and efficiency

  • Cash flow overview

  • HR functions 

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