Learning Management System

Commonly also referred to as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a Learning Management System (henceforth LMS) is a transformative and exhaustive digital learning tool designed to improve the learning experience for the student.

It is most effective as a blended solution of conventional instructor lead classroom teaching and independent and personalised learning.

There are many benefits an LMS can deliver, some of which include:

  • It removes the boundaries of a classroom wall and the limitations this has.

  • It allows for improved communication and collaboration within learning.

  • It brings technology to students' education which is a normality in every other aspect of their lives, and offers a new dimension to learning with flexibility in catering for users' preferred absorption of information. 

  • Configured well it can take students through an end to end learning experience using enhanced core pedagogical tools, beginning with introducing and presenting the subject material in an engaging way using a wide variety of digital medium, providing additional (and tailored) resources to deepen their knowledge, and formally assessing students' understanding (through formative or summative assessment).

  • It brings accessibility by seamlessly integrating with other integral systems and tools, such as Cloud (Google/O365) as well as 3rd party tools and content providers, and are intelligently designed to make navigation as simple as possible.


With so many benefits, why do LMS deployments rarely realise their potential to become the central learning tool in the establishment and part of the learning culture. Why is user adoption so low that value over investment, and confidence in the solution, comes into question?

There are a multitude of factors, but the strength of capability a LMS holds also becomes its disadvantage; its perceived complexity.

But the real problem starts before deciding on the right product, with a lack of clarity and understanding the vision of what the LMS is aimed to achieve, and as importantly in getting buy in from the entire establishment.

Let us guide you on the necessary considerations and actions you need to give attention to before choosing the right product, which itself depends on the results of this process. It may spare you considerable difficulties.

With remote learning becoming normalised, the need for effective digital learning solutions across the entire education sector has never been greater.

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