Startup Business


The first life cycle for any business is arguably the most important, and if implemented well can maximise productivity and performance from day one. This can also spare costly redress later on.


Based on your preference or readiness we can:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive business plan guide and template. You are guided through all key considerations in starting up a business to ensure your business idea is realistic and feasible, including financially through a cash flow forecast.

  • Provide you with a comprehensive guide in creating your business model which considers all areas from a market and business perspective, logically and segmented.

  • Prepare any IPO protection you require, such as Trade Marks or Patents.

Trust and clear understanding is vital so there is a lot of emphasis on the relationship we build with you to extract the best results.


We can handle your business setup for you if desired, including registering your business, building your website (including logo and branding), IT and communication solution, and even writing out your business plan and/or documenting your business model.

It's equally vital to start your business with solid business function foundation. Working with you and your business plan we can support implementing your business structure to include essential business functions, such as those listed below:

  • Sales model  

  • Operations model

  • Finance model

  • HR model

  • Leadership model

We can also support you with securing government backed startup loans and grants.

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